What is videoconferencing?

Video conferencing is a communications technology that integrates video and audio to connect users anywhere in the world as if they were in the same room. This technology is especially popular in business because it allows meetings or conferences to be held without the need for all the participants to travel to one single location.


AVC sponsor van Serious Request

Serious Request Zeewolde, werd van 20 tot en met 24 december vanuit het Glazen Huis aan de Raadhuisstraat te Zeewolde uitgezonden. De programma's waren ook live te volgen op het web. Via de website www.glazenhuiszeewolde.nl zorgde een live streaming video van AVC er voor dat de verrichtingen van de DJ`s en hun gasten rechtstreeks te volgen waren.

New identity AVC Audio Video Communicatie

AVC Audio Video Communicatie has introduced a new identity and a brand new proposition. In particular, the developments in the field of videoconferencing are going fast. This caused the organization to grow out of her clothes.


AVC offers total solutions for audio and videoconferencing. Clearly, the wishes and needs of the customer always come first. Come to us for project preparation, planning, coordination and the rental of all required audio-visual devices, presentation tools and services.



Broadcast your event, meeting or presentation live, including sound and vision! With our plug & play webcasting solution you will reach a large online audience, worldwide and at low cost.



No or insufficient facilities on-site? In that case we provide for the professional and safe connection, install temporary internet connections and if necessary use 3G. You are always assured of professional videoconferencing.